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Aircraft Maintenance

Courses Offered

  • Private Pilot (A)

  • Instrument Rating (A)

  • Commercial Pilot Single Engine Land (A)

  • Commercial Pilot Multi-Engine Land (A)

  • Aircraft Rental

  • Instrument Proficiency

  • Aerobatics Training

  • Flight Instructor Training

Private Pilot Training

Instrumental Rating Training and
Multi-Engine Simulator

Total Package Price: $9,113

Note: The flight simulator hours can be added to your total time as it is a full motion FAA certified flight simulator (AATD).

Commercial Pilot Training with
Multi-Engine Add-On

Total Package Price: $26,289

Expected Total for Commercial Multi-Engine Training: $44,105

Note: Ground instruction does not include post-flight briefing.



Total time of 235 hours, which includes the following:

  • 90 hours in Cessna 172

  • 30 hours in full motion FAA approved Flight Simulator

  • 15 hours in Piper Seneca

This package also includes 115 hours of Ground Instruction by an FAA Certified Advanced Ground Instructor.

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